DIY SPF? Doctor Dimi urges people to take a look in the Mirror

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Longevity Medicine | 0 comments

In alarming news, it appears that the popularity of home-made SPF posts is soaring online, with various influencers posting “recipes” for DIY sunscreen.

This is a worrying trend to say the least, so much so that the national newspaper, The Daily Mirror, reached out to Dr Dimi for his thoughts on the subject and just as critically given the tone of the posts, his professional advice on safer suncare.

If you missed it, here’s what he had to say:
‘As a doctor, this worries me. The notion that someone might be irresponsible enough to even suggest this on such a public platform is one thing but for it to be so popular raises questions about how influential these platforms can be.

‘That said, these are primarily entertainment platforms not medical advice and I can understand the intrigue as the weather warms up but please, do not try this at home – leave it to the professionals and stay safe.’

Having responded to the trending posts, the reporter asked Dr Dimi for his tips for safer sun which he was only too happy to share:

Dr Dimi’s 5 point prescription for safer sun:

  • Always choose a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, which shields you from both UVA and UVB rays. These are responsible not only for sunburn but also for deeper skin damage.
  • Opt for a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30. This level blocks about 97% of UVB rays. Higher numbers increase the protection slightly, but no sunscreen can block 100% of UV rays
  • Apply sunscreen generously on all exposed skin, and reapply every two hours, or more often if you are sweating or swimming. Even on cloudy days, up to 80% of UV radiation can penetrate the clouds, making sunscreen necessary.
  • Use it year-round. Sun damage can occur even during the winter or in milder climates. Reflective surfaces like snow and water can increase exposure, making sunscreen essential throughout the year.
  • If you have sensitive skin, look for mineral-based sunscreens with active ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which are less likely to cause irritation.

By integrating sunscreen into your daily routine, you contribute significantly to your skin’s health, allowing it to function at its best as your body’s protective barrier.

Please be safe out there folks.