About Eudai Clinic

At Eudai, we are pioneering the field of Longevity Medicine in the UK and around the World.

Led by a team of dedicated doctors, we are passionate about helping our patients
live longer and healthier lives.

We believe in ageing gracefully and thriving at any stage of life and we are committed to supporting our patients in maintaining their vitality and wellbeing as they get older.

Our clinic offers a range of services and treatments that address all aspects of ageing, from the inside out. Our goal is to empower our patients to look, feel and perform their best at any age, and help them unlock boundless health and longevity.

Meet the Team

Meet Dr. Dimi

Hi, my name is Dr Dimi and I am the founder and medical director of Eudai Clinic. I am a medical doctor specialising in Lifestyle, Longevity and Regenerative Medicine. I created Eudai Clinic with the sole purpose of treating ageing so our patients can achieve optimal health at any age.

I strongly believe that health is the foundation of human happiness and therefore well worth pursuing.

I believe in a model of care where we proactively optimise our health so that we are thriving in life. Waiting for disease to happen and then trying to survive with the symptoms should never be the norm.

Through Eudai Clinic, I designed a patient-centred model of care with focus on patient safety, innovation and excellence that allows our patients to get the best possible results for their health and their longevity, so they can start experiencing more fulfilment, happiness and success in their lives.

I extend a huge welcome to you and I hope you enjoy being part of our team and our health programmes.

Meet Megan

Hello, my name is Megan. I am a registered dietitian with a passion for working with individuals to help them achieve their goals and become the healthiest they can be. I have two postgraduate degrees in the field of science, one in Human genetics and the other in Nutrition and Dietetics. The coupling of these two degrees has given me a deep understanding of how our genes make us who we are, but also, that we can use lifestyle and dietary changes to influence how these genes interact and so become the person we want to be.

Leaning on these qualifications, I have worked in both the private and public sector, specialising in diabetes, weight management and chronic diseases of lifestyle. Regardless of the setting, my passion lies in connecting with people and in helping them to become the best version of themselves. I truly believe that food is medicine and by choosing what we put in our bodies, we can determine our fate.

I am a firm believer in living a balanced lifestyle and that everything can be enjoyed in moderation. Outside of work, I can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, hiking in nature, having a glass of wine with friends, or sweating through a HIIT workout. I love everything about leading a healthy and active lifestyle and I can’t wait to help you achieve this too.

Meet Paul

Hey there, my name is Paul McGann, Online Coach & Personal Trainer! I’ve been training busy individuals aged between 18 and 50 in bodybuilding prep, to lose fat and increase muscle mass for 5 years.

I was working a job as head chef for 17 years and I was not happy. I decided to study nutrition because I was fascinated by food and I wanted to improve my own health and now I want to help others.

It is my goal to help my clients lose fat and build muscles. My proudest achievement is standing on stage myself.

My mission is to make people aware of how important nutrition and exercise is to live a happy fuller life. If that sounds good to you then why not come work with me and join my team?

Brand Values

Patients come first in everything we do

As a medical practice, our patients’ safety and well-being is our highest priority. We have the strictest protocols and expertise in place to ensure safe practice.

Results-driven performance

The truth is in the results. Nothing makes us more satisfied than meeting and exceeding our patients expectations in the results and the service they receive.

Integrity, Honesty and Trust in all interactions

Eudai is founded on strong principles and guiding ethos. We are truthful, respectful,
kind and professional in our approach, not only towards our patients but also towards all our partners and staff members.

Innovation at the heart of operations.

We always strive for greater results and efficiency by embracing and developing new ideas, products and technology. Our pioneering approach establishes us as the leading figures in our industry.

Infusing passion and inspiration to everyone around us.

We are passionate, motivated and driven and we aspire to be the change we want to see in the world. People look up to us and feel inspired and empowered to achieve their health and longevity goals.

Our Mission and Vision


To redefine the boundaries of human health and longevity, aspiring towards a future where the limits of life and health are continuously extended.

The Vision

Our mission is to deliver innovative and personalised healthcare solutions that allow individuals to compact ageing and maintain optimal health and vitality throughout their lives.

Origin of my Passion

From a young age, my fascination with the human body and pursuit of peak performance stemmed from my upbringing in a sports-oriented family.

As an athlete raised in an environment where health optimisation was paramount, I was ingrained with the ethos of not just maintaining health but striving for excellence and pushing boundaries to achieve peak physical performance.

This early exposure ignited my curiosity and passion for human health and performance optimisation, laying the foundation for my journey into medicine. University years were an enlightening journey into the human body’s complexities.

I was fascinated by what it means to be truly healthy and how we can harness medicine’s power to enhance well-being. However, as I transitioned from academic learning to medical practice, I encountered a stark reality: the focus was far removed from fostering health. Instead, it was entrenched in managing disease – a narrative of inevitability and lifelong symptom management, often termed ‘chronic disease’.

This was a pivotal moment for me.

My passion has always been in maintaining and optimising health, enabling people to thrive, not merely survive. The prevailing medical practice felt misaligned with the very reasons that propelled me into this field. It became clear that to stay true to my original aspiration, a change was imperative. Thus, Eudai Clinic was born.

Named after the Greek concept of Eudaimonia which means flourishing, Eudai Clinic is more than a medical practice; it’s a mission to shift the healthcare narrative. We don’t just focus on managing symptoms; we strive to prevent disease, keeping people healthy for as long as possible.

At Eudai, health is not a static state but a dynamic journey of thriving. Here, we embrace a patient-centred approach, blending cutting-edge science in Lifestyle, Longevity, and Regenerative Medicine with a deep understanding of individual health narratives.

Eudai Clinic is not just my dream realised; it’s a sanctuary for those seeking to live their fullest, healthiest lives.

In creating Eudai Clinic, I have returned to my original vision – a vision where medicine is not just about treating illness but about nurturing health and vitality, allowing each individual to thrive in every stage of their life.

Happy Patients

Clara GeorgeClara George
20:24 15 Nov 22
Amazing clinic, have been here for 3 months and have been super impressed with how knowledgeable Dr Dimi is and how well he explains treatment programmes. Thank you!I would absolutely recommend Dr Dimi and this clinic to anyone.
Charlotte LeeCharlotte Lee
15:07 14 Nov 22
Cannot recommend Eudai and Dr Dimi enough. He was so helpful with my first procedure, very informative and supportive, and it was such a breeze. I absolutely love the results, and still do months later. Very much looking forward to my next visit!
Matt CalladineMatt Calladine
16:31 18 Nov 21
This was my first visit post consultation where I was to receive my first treatment with Dr Dimi. Immediately I felt relaxed when greeted at the door, prior to the treatment Dr Dimi went through the procedure that I was having and made sure all my questions were answered. During the treatment Dr Dimi ensured that I was ok and remained comfortable which I was! Post treatment I was made aware of all the aftercare that I needed to do and I could contact him if I needed to prior to our follow up consultation.Such a great experience and I look forward to many more visit in the future and have already recommended to several friends of mine!Thank you Dr Dimi.