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Eudai Clinic – pioneering the field of Longevity Medicine in the UK and around the world via our longevity clinic. If you want to learn more about how to optimise your health and add more healthy years to your life, book a consultation with one of our doctors via the link below.

Your Health and Longevity Journey 

My name is Dr Dimi, I am the medical director of Eudai Clinic and my aim is clear: to help you live healthier for longer, ensure your safety, foster innovation and uphold a standard of excellence in healthcare provision that you truly deserve.

I firmly believe in the beauty of aging gracefully and thriving in every phase of life. Your well-being is my priority, and I’m committed to standing by you as you journey through the years, maintaining your vitality and embracing the fullness of life.

At Eudai Clinic, you’ll find an array of services and treatments meticulously designed to encompass every facet of the aging process, nurturing you from within and radiating outward. My vision is simple yet profound: to give you the tools to not only look and feel your best, but to empower you to perform at your peak, regardless of age.

With my guidance and that of my team, you will discover the boundless potential of health and longevity that resides within you.

Our 4 stage process

Designed to help patients achieve optimal health and longevity through personalised care and ongoing monitoring.

The emphasis is on improving and maintaining health through a comprehensive approach that address both pre-exisiting health concerns and the ageing process itself.

Health Assesment

During this stage a patient will have an initial consultation with a doctor who will conduct a comprehensive health assessment that includes diagnostic tests.

The aim is to identify any underlying health concerns and to gather data to inform a personalised health plan.

Personlised Plan

Using the data from the health assessment, the doctor will create a personalised health plan for the patient.

The plan will aim to address any pre-existing health issues and promote overall health and longevity.

Health Optimisation

In this stage, the patient works with their own team of Eudai health experts on a monthly basis (usually for a year) to implement their health plan. The focus is on optimising key biomarkers of health and ageing for optimal performance, health and longevity.

Health Maintenance 

Regular monitoring is essential for maintaining optimal health and longevity. In this stage, the patient will undergo regular testing and doctor reviews to measure progress, refine treatment plans, and ensure that the patient is on track to achieve and maintain their health goals long term.


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Unlock Longevity


At Eudai Clinic, we believe that everyone has the potential to unlock a longer and healthier life, and that’s why we developed the ‘Longevity Unlock’ methodology – a Doctor led comprehensive approach to healthy living.

Using the ‘Longevity Unlock’ methodology you can unlock the power to add healthy years in your life and lead a more joyful and fulfilling life.

We are committed to providing you with the guidance and support you need to achieve a longer and healthier life.

Clara GeorgeClara George
20:24 15 Nov 22
Amazing clinic, have been here for 3 months and have been super impressed with how knowledgeable Dr Dimi is and how well he explains treatment programmes. Thank you!I would absolutely recommend Dr Dimi and this clinic to anyone.
Charlotte LeeCharlotte Lee
15:07 14 Nov 22
Cannot recommend Eudai and Dr Dimi enough. He was so helpful with my first procedure, very informative and supportive, and it was such a breeze. I absolutely love the results, and still do months later. Very much looking forward to my next visit!
Matt CalladineMatt Calladine
16:31 18 Nov 21
This was my first visit post consultation where I was to receive my first treatment with Dr Dimi. Immediately I felt relaxed when greeted at the door, prior to the treatment Dr Dimi went through the procedure that I was having and made sure all my questions were answered. During the treatment Dr Dimi ensured that I was ok and remained comfortable which I was! Post treatment I was made aware of all the aftercare that I needed to do and I could contact him if I needed to prior to our follow up consultation.Such a great experience and I look forward to many more visit in the future and have already recommended to several friends of mine!Thank you Dr Dimi.