Looking after your skin with professional care isn’t about quick fixes. Eudai is with you for the long term, achieving sustainable results that are more than skin deep.

For the optimal results that you deserve, we created these exclusive packages for our patients.

They deliver stunning results and represent the best value for money you can find.

Skin Awakening

Does the look and feel of your skin affect your confidence? Are you searching for top-quality medical advice that’s tailored to your needs?

Our premium total skin awakening package delivers beyond the short-term, with long-lasting and easily maintainable improvements to suit your lifestyle.

Our goal is to help you feel fantastic by creating a personalised roadmap to the skin you’ve always wanted. Designed to rectify every major skin concern when nothing else delivers, you will see the difference with a bespoke package that combines in-clinic treatments along with an at-home skincare plan.

The medically proven treatments and skincare products are chosen with your skin type and priorities in mind. Each treatment programme is led by qualified doctors who follow best practice and prioritise your health.

We achieve healthy and lovely skin through a three-step process:

  • An initial consultation with a doctor in our clinic, who will explore how you feel about your skin, diagnose any conditions and design a bespoke treatment plan.
  • Monthly visits to our state-of-the-art clinic for professional treatments designed to get the best from your skin – you may also be prescribed medical-grade skincare products for home use.
  • A three-month maintenance period for your skin’s continued refinement – we repeat steps two and three to ensure lasting improvement.

This package helps you feel happy in your own skin. We’ll achieve the youthful, refined and clear complexion that you desire.


Confidence is the key to beauty and so we take a holistic approach to wellness, in line with Dr Dimi’s vision. Our goal is to help you feel fantastic.

The revolumise package focuses on the root causes of ageing in the skin. We’ve included a full range of services so that you can enjoy the benefits of a natural and youthful appearance.

The package includes:

  • Dermal Fillers – enhancing the support of natural facial structures and tissues to leave you looking more youthful.
  • Anti-Wrinkle injections – helping to smooth out wrinkles and reduce signs of skin ageing

We will tailor a bespoke skin treatment plan for you, with personal guidance to support you in your journey towards happier and healthier skin.

The benefits of our total facial ageing solution include:

  • Long-lasting results that can be maintained with ease.
  • Flexible schedule requiring just a few hours of commitment per year.
  • Doctor-led programmes following best practice, with a commitment to patient safety.

This is an annual package that begins with a doctor-led consultation. Here we explore your concerns, form a diagnosis, and design a treatment plan based on your individual needs.

During the first three months, you will then be given a series of in-clinic professional treatments, reinvigorating your face and smoothing out wrinkles.

The process continues with ‘tweakments’ and anti-wrinkle injections throughout the year to maintain long-term results.

Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and regain the gift of youthfulness and revitalise your face. For more information, download the brochure, or view our price list.


Our new package is a revolutionary new approach to addressing the signs of skin ageing using regenerative medicine and the transformative power of exosomes. Regenerative medicine is the future of skin care. It combines science, technology, and the body’s innate regenerative capabilities to address the complex issue of skin ageing, revitalise damaged tissues and restore a more youthful appearance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Assessment: It all begins with an assessment of your skin’s unique needs. One of our doctors will  analyse your skin’s condition, identify areas of concern, and develop a personalised treatment plan.
  • Isolation of Exosomes: High-quality exosomes are isolated and purified. These exosomes are sourced from mesenchymal stem cells, known for their regenerative potential.
  • Delivery: The next step involves the targeted delivery of exosomes to the areas of your skin that require rejuvenation. This precise administration ensures that the exosomes are delivered where they can have the most significant impact.
  • Regeneration: Exosomes get to work by signalling and stimulating your skin’s natural regenerative processes. This includes the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for youthful skin.
  • Results: Over time, you’ll witness a remarkable transformation in the texture, tone, and overall appearance of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish, skin becomes more vibrant, and you regain the youthful glow you’ve been longing for.

It’s time to embrace a new era in skincare. Get in touch and together, we can embark on your journey to healthier, more youthful skin. For more information, view our price list or read our blog on Regenerative medicine and Exosomes.



Annual Plan


Annual Plan


Annual Plan

Clara GeorgeClara George
20:24 15 Nov 22
Amazing clinic, have been here for 3 months and have been super impressed with how knowledgeable Dr Dimi is and how well he explains treatment programmes. Thank you!I would absolutely recommend Dr Dimi and this clinic to anyone.
Charlotte LeeCharlotte Lee
15:07 14 Nov 22
Cannot recommend Eudai and Dr Dimi enough. He was so helpful with my first procedure, very informative and supportive, and it was such a breeze. I absolutely love the results, and still do months later. Very much looking forward to my next visit!
Matt CalladineMatt Calladine
16:31 18 Nov 21
This was my first visit post consultation where I was to receive my first treatment with Dr Dimi. Immediately I felt relaxed when greeted at the door, prior to the treatment Dr Dimi went through the procedure that I was having and made sure all my questions were answered. During the treatment Dr Dimi ensured that I was ok and remained comfortable which I was! Post treatment I was made aware of all the aftercare that I needed to do and I could contact him if I needed to prior to our follow up consultation.Such a great experience and I look forward to many more visit in the future and have already recommended to several friends of mine!Thank you Dr Dimi.